Change the Appearance of Your Budget

Did you ever want your budget to look just a little different?  Maybe you're a night owl and want Dark Mode. Maybe your sidebar just isn't wide enough to contain all the digits in your account balance. Maybe your memo field is where you're sketching out the outline of your next novel and that column needs to be really wide. Good news! You can adjust all these settings in YNAB.

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Change Your Theme

YNAB has three themes, or color schemes to choose from! Default, which is the.... default. Dark Mode, and Classic. You can change between these at any time without impacting anything else about your budget. Just click the name of your budget in the top left corner, then click Display Theme. Pick your theme and click Apply Theme. 

the three theme options are shown in a pop up window: default (blue and white), dark (black), and classic (teal and white).

Looking for these themes on the mobile app?

The mobile app has the Default Theme by, well, default. You can have Dark Mode on mobile by following these steps. The only theme you won't find on mobile is Classic. 

Both the left and right sidebars can be adjusted. To adjust the sidebar width, click and drag on the vertical line that separates your sidebar from your budget. You can customize this completely, to hide just your account balances or show your entire account name. 

The left sidebar can be collapsed completely. Click the arrow icon at the bottom of the left sidebar to collapse it. Clicking the arrow again magically opens your sidebar to your last-used width! 

the left and right sidebars collapse and expand by dragging the edge; the left one can by clicking a white arrow at the bottom

Resize Your Account Register Columns

Similar to the sidebars, the columns in your account register can be resized, too! Click and drag between the columns to re-size them. Adjusting one register won't impact the others, so you can customize each register to your needs.

the register columns are resized by clicking and dragging a small bar in between the header titles.

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