Spending Report

Your spending history is an accumulation of past decisions. This report makes those decisions visible, so you can choose which to keep making and which to change.

The Spending report shows spending in your Budget accounts, from the biggest of big picture down to individual categories, and even individual transactions.

As the Spending report is based on categories, the only tracking account activity included in this report is transfers from Budget accounts to Tracking accounts.

Spending Totals

The donut graph is the Totals view of the Spending report. Each section represents a Category Group in your budget. Click on one to drill down into just that group. Then click a specific category to see the list of transactions. We show this in the GIF below:

Click Totals to see a pie chart by Category Groups. Click on a section to see the categories. Click again for transactions.

You can even click a transaction, which will take you right to it in your account register in case you need to edit it.

The sidebar on the right in Spending Totals will update as you drill down into each level, showing you the totals for all visible sections of the graph.

How to See Spending by Payee

While you can't drill down by payee in Spending report, you can get a total of spending for any payee with these steps:

  1. Go to All Accounts.
  2. Type the payee in the search box in the top right corner.
  3. Check the select-all checkbox in the header row of the register to select all the transactions.
  4. You'll now see a Selected Total in the upper right corner for all transactions associated with this payee.

If you're interested in total inflows by payee, switch over to the Income v Expense report.

Spending Trends

In the Trends view, you can see how your spending has changed over time with bar graphs. You can drill down in the same way as the Spending Totals view, by clicking on the individual section colors of the bars. 

Or if you're more the spreadsheet type, you can export the report.

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