Pending Transactions on Mobile

While entering transactions as you spend is the best way to keep your budget super up to date, YNAB will now import pending transactions from your linked accounts. (Keep in mind that not all financial institutions offer support for pending transactions, so you may not see them.) 

With that caveat out of the way, here's the rundown on what to expect for all things pending transactions! 

The Basics

You know how sometimes you buy something on your credit card, promptly forget about it, and then it poofs into your budget a few days later to remind you of all the money you spent? Well, our new pending transactions feature helps cut down that lag time between your actual purchase and when it appears in your budget, so you can have a better look into what's coming!

You'll be prompted to import pending transactions (if available), whenever new cleared transactions are also ready to import. Cleared transactions will import directly into the register as they always have, but if there are any pending transactions at your bank, you will also see a collapsible section for those transactions at the top of your register. 

iOS device with a collapsible section at the top of the account register

You'll need to be looking at your register with no search filter applied in order to see the Pending Transactions section. Also, if you don’t have any new or current pending transactions, you won’t see this section until new ones become available.

Pending transactions in this section don't impact your budget, but you can edit them just like any others by categorizing, entering early, or matching to a transaction you entered yourself. Any edit to a pending transaction will move it to the register where it does impact your budget. 

If you manually enter transactions, YNAB will prompt you to approve the match when the pending version imports. When you approve the match, the transaction will remain uncleared, but you'll see a clock icon to designate the pending state that it's in.

Once that transaction clears at your bank, it imports as normal and you'll be prompted to approve it (again 😉).


  • Why does the Pending Transactions section appear and disappear?
    • It's not just you—the Pending Transaction section will only appear when there are pending transactions available from the institution. Otherwise, it doesn't need to be there! 
  • What about hold transactions, transactions that don't include a tip, or transactions I know will change when they clear? 
    Unfortunately, this is a quirky side effect given the nature of pending transactions. Sometimes by the time the transaction clears, the bank can update the amount, payee, or even remove the transaction altogether. Here's what you'll want to do:
    • In most cases, you'll want to ignore the transaction in the pending section and wait for the cleared version to import directly into the register.
    • Edit the amount of the pending transaction to include the tip or the full amount (web app and iOS only), which will enter it into the register. This way the cleared version will match up with it when it imports, or if you already entered it manually, it will match up with that one, too!
  • What if I don't want to use or see pending transactions?
    • If you'd rather not see the list of pending transactions at the top of your account register, you can always collapse the pending transaction section.
  • What if pending transactions aren't showing?
    • As we said above, not every bank offers support for pending transactions, but if you aren't seeing pending transactions in your register and there are currently transactions pending at your bank, we can investigate the cause. See our troubleshooting guide for what we need to investigate!

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