Changing an Account Type on Mobile

When you first added an account, YNAB asked you to choose the account type. You might have chosen one type of account, and later realized that it’s incorrect, or that you want the account to behave differently. 

While it’s not possible to change the type of an account once it’s already been created, you can replace it with a new account.

Here are some of the things to be aware of before you make changes:

  • Any time you’re making changes that involve Budget accounts, we highly recommend making a Fresh Start instead. This will save your current budget and all its history, but will give you a clean slate with a shiny new budget, making it easier to make changes without causing problems in the budget.
  • If credit card accounts are involved, these can impact your budget because of the way money moves between categories. You may need to move money in your budget afterwards. 

If you’re moving from a Budget account to a Tracking account:

  • Changing your account will remove money from your budget. This may appear as a lower or negative Ready to Assign. Review your budget and move money to where it's needed.
  • The account will no longer have a category field, so you will lose that information.

If you’re moving from a Tracking account to a Budget account:

  • Money will be added to your budget.
  • You’ll need to categorize all transactions.

If you take these steps on a computer instead of your mobile device, you’ll have access to the Undo button in case anything doesn’t go as planned!

Alright — Let's Do This!

Now that you’ve read through those warnings, you’re ready to move forward with the changes: 

How to Create the New Account

  1. From the Accounts tab (second tab on the bottom of the app), tap Add Accounts.
  2. Select Unlinked.
  3. Choose the desired account type.
  4. Give it a nickname (it will need to be slightly different than the original account name). 
  5. Enter $0 for the balance. 

How to Move the Transactions From the Old Account to the New

  1. Select all transactions by tapping to the left of each one. *This is easier from the web app, where you have the option to bulk select transactions all at once. Log in to your budget on a computer to give these steps a try if you run into any difficulty!
  2. Tap More (three dot button) in the bottom right corner.
  3. Tap Move. 
  4. Choose the new account you've just created from the list. 

Select transactions and tap the three dot More menu, then tap Move.

How to Delete the Old Account and Replace it with the New One

  1. In the original account, tap the More button (three dots icon) in the top right corner. 
  2. Select Edit Account. 
  3. Tap Delete Account at the bottom. 
  4. A pop up window will ask if you're sure, and you can confirm by tapping Delete. 
  5. Now, from within the *new* account register, you can change the name of the new account, or link the account if needed.
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