What's New in YNAB

With the release of these updates, the mobile app is getting a bit of a UI makeover, and we've completely revamped the way new YNABers are guided to set up their first budget on the mobile app to include some much-needed proverbial training wheels. In the web app, we've made some changes to both the Budget Header at the top of the web app as well as the Inspector (the right side bar). We have more details on all of those changes below! There are some wording changes that you’ll notice across all of YNAB as well, so let’s go through those first. 

What Did You Call Me?

  • To be Budgeted is now Ready to Assign: To be Budgeted is changing to Ready to Assign to make a clearer distinction between your budget as a plan for your money versus assigning money (a.k.a. budgeting) as an action. When you enter income, categorize it to Inflow: Ready to Assign and it will show up in Ready to Assign at the top of your budget so that you can assign that money to your categories.
  • The Budgeted Column is now The Assigned column: This change affects the Budgeted column as well, which is now called the Assigned column. This column still works exactly the same way you’re used to - it just has a pretty new name. In the web app, you’ll also notice that in the inspector Total Budgeted has been changed to Assigned in [Month].
  • Goals are now Targets: Goals will henceforth be referred to as Targets. They will behave the same as they have since the release of the new, smarter, Underfunded logic in the web app. Check out that link for more details.
  • Quick Budget is now Auto-Assign: Quick Budget options are now called Auto-Assign options.

Web-Specific Changes

Aside from the verbiage changes, there are a few things in the web app that you'll notice are looking a little different (dare I say, more streamlined?). Here are the changes you can expect to see in the web app:

The Budget Header (the box at the top that shows what is Ready to Assign) is getting a makeover! We've streamlined the design so you can see how much you have Ready to Assign at a glance without having all of the other numbers in your face (they're still available by clicking on the Ready to Assign number in the budget header). 

If you have money ready to assign, the budget header will be green, and show the amount you can assign as well as the Auto-Assign button. You can choose to either click the Auto-Assign tab and assign money to your categories based on the due dates you set up for your category targets, or you can continue to assign money to individual targets by clicking the Manual tab. 

Once you've assigned all of the money in Ready to Assign, the Budget Header will turn grey and that Auto-Assign button will disappear so you don't assign more than you have. If you end up assigning more than you have, you'll see the Budget Header turn red with a negative number and a prompt to budget less into your categories until Ready to Assign goes back to zero. 

The Inspector (the sidebar on the right side of the budget screen) is being re-arranged for a more streamlined look. Aside from the targets at the top (we moved those up a few months back), the Auto-Assign (formerly Quick Budget) section is getting bumped up, and the Inspector totals are taking up a bit less real estate in that sidebar. 

Future Months (formerly Budgeted into Future) has moved out of the Budget header to the Inspector, along with a much anticipated Stealing from the Future alert, which lets you know if you've overassigned after assigning money in the future, and caused a negative Ready to Assign in a future month (if no categories are selected). And a collective cheer goes up from budgeters into the future everywhere! 🎉

The Category Activity, which shows up when a specific category is selected, has also been condensed into a smaller amount of real estate, though it still houses all of the activity information you know and love. 

Mobile-Specific Changes

A lot of the changes to the mobile app are designed to help first time YNABers get up and budgeting more quickly, so we've completely revamped the steps that brand new YNABers go through when setting up their first budget. We have some gems for experienced YNABers as well, so if you've already been budgeting with us for awhile, check out these changes coming to the mobile app:

Progress bars - These have been around for a few months on the web app, but they’re now available on the mobile app as well! If you don’t want to see them, you can toggle them off and on in the Settings menu by toggling Expanded Categories. You can find more details on progress bars in the link above.

Edit Mode - Wouldn’t it be great if you could add, remove, and edit categories and category groups, as well as setting and editing goals, all in one window? Enter Edit Mode! You can access the Edit Mode by tapping the icon on the top right corner of the budget tab. From there you can add, edit, reorder, or delete categories or category groups, as well as create and edit the targets for those categories. Its like a one-stop shop for all budget changes in the mobile app. 

Auto-Assign options will only show up when tapping on the category itself, where the Quick Budget button used to be. The lightning bolt and budget-wide quick budget options have retired, and last we heard they relocated to a sunny beach in Florida. 🏖 We know they provided some useful information, though, and we're working on getting that information added back into the mobile app - it just won't be in the form of the old lightning bolt, which was causing confusion for a lot of new users.

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