File-Based Import

Looking for a way to import transactions that isn't Direct Import? Live outside the U.S. or Canada? Try File-Based Importing in the web app!

File Formats

If Direct Import isn't available for your financial institution, or you simply prefer to import bank files yourself, YNAB's File Based Importing feature makes that easy. You can import these file formats into YNAB:

  • QFX and OFX (recommended)
  • QIF
  • CSV (only if the above formats aren't available)

Worried about duplicates?

If you enter transactions on the go and then want to import (which is great!), any duplicates will be matched automatically, nothing to worry about there!

Starting Your Import

In order to import transactions in these files, you've got to go to your bank's website and get the file first. Once you have your file (or files, you can import multiple files at once!), you can start the import process in one of three ways:

  • Click the Import button in any account that does not have Direct Import enabled.
  • Click the Import button in "All Accounts"
  • Or, drag and drop your file or files onto YNAB. Anywhere onto YNAB – like magic!


Once you've done this, you're just steps away. You've now got a few options and settings to make sure your transactions are coming in just the way you want them.

Select the account you want the transactions imported into.
If your file includes transactions dated before your account start date, you'll see an option to include or exclude those.
Check the box to import the memo field with your transactions, or ...
If your bank tends to put the payee in the memo field, check the Swap with Payees box to reverse those fields.

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