Quick Start: What's Next?

Your targets are visible, your accounts are set up, and you've created your first budget. You're removing surprises from your financial life by scheduling future transactions. 

Now what?

Make it Real

Your budget right now? It's just a pretty aspiration (so pretty!), unless you make it real with these three key activities:

Follow your plan. You've come this far (congratulations!). Use your budget—the plan you just made—to guide your decision making. Checking your budget before you spend will make all the difference.
Record your spending as soon as it happens—and notice how that impacts your budget.
Adjust. Rigid budgets break. Instead, stay flexible, and change your budget when life changes.

And then? Repeat.

Keep Repeating

You've already learned the core activities of budgeting—setting targets, assigning money, staying organized, and following your plan. 

And really, that's also what comes next, more of those same activities. While completely eliminating your financial stress is pretty exciting, the daily habits of successful budgeting might get boring (perhaps you always thought budgeting was boring but have been too polite to say so...).

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