Mobile Only Features

While we're always looking to increase feature parity across devices, there are some features that are only available in the mobile app. Check them out below, and if you have ideas for additional features you'd like to see in the app, send us a feature request!

Custom App Icons

You can choose from a list of colorful icon variants for the YNAB app on your iOS device. This will work with iOS 13 and later.

Dark Mode

We have a couple of themes you can choose from on the web app, including Dark Mode. But by enabling Dark Mode on your mobile device, YNAB can switch between light and dark, automatically! This will work with iOS 13 and Android 10 or later.

Geo Payees

Want a quick way to add transactions on the go? Consider enabling Geo Payees. This feature links your location to a list of payees, to help save time when adding a new transaction. After all, if you're at the gas station on the corner, you're most likely entering a transaction in your Gas category! 

Pin Categories 

If you always find yourself scrolling to the same categories on mobile, consider pinning them! This feature is available on both iPhone and Android.

Siri Shortcuts

If you have a transaction that you enter frequently (i.e., your morning coffee), consider using Siri Shortcuts on iOS! With shortcuts, you can quickly add certain transactions using only the sound of your voice. 

Touch ID, Face ID, App Lock

At YNAB, security is a priority, so you can rest easy knowing your data is protected. If you're looking for extra security, though, Touch ID, Face ID, and App Lock are great ways to protect your account on your mobile device. 

YNAB Widgets

Widgets are just as fun as they sound! With the YNAB Widget for Apple iOS14, you'll be able to quickly view category balances and add transactions while you're on the go. 

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