Web Only Features

We're actively working to increase feature parity across all devices, but in the meantime, there are some features that are only available in the web app. Read through the list below, and if you'd like to see any of these features on mobile, send us a feature request!

File-Based Importing

Do you enter transactions yourself, and want a way to speed up the process? Or, are you having trouble with your direct import connection and need to quickly fill those data gaps? Look no further than our File-Based Importing feature. The process involves downloading a file from your bank and dragging + dropping it right into YNAB. It saves time, and the best part is that these imported transactions will match up with ones you've already entered - reducing the chance of duplicates!

If you're on an iOS device that allows for a split view (such as an iPad Pro), you can also take advantage of this drag and drop function. You'll open the Files app on one side, and Safari with app.youneedabudget.com in the other. Read more about this feature in our File-Based Importing with an iPad article. 

Certain Loan Account Features

Curious about our new Loan Accounts feature? Right now, you'll enjoy the full set of features on web, including the ability to edit loan account details, update the loan's balance, re-pair a category, and, best of all, play around with our Debt Simulator to motivate you to pay off those balances faster! Check out our Loan Accounts article for more info!

Export Budget

If you're looking to back up your data or just want to play with your budget numbers, consider exporting your budget. You have the option of exporting all budget data, or just a selection of transactions. Our article on exporting budget data has all the details!

Payee Management

Food delivery payees got you down? On web, you can turn off auto-categorization for specific payees, or create rules to manage frequently used payees in your budget using our Manage Payees feature.  

Referral Program Portal

As long as you have an active subscription that isn't managed by Apple, you're eligible to participate in our Referral Program! Mobile users can get in on the fun, too, of course, but they'll need to log-in to the web app or use this direct link in order to access it.

Budget Totals

Want an overview of your budget at-a-glance? On web, you can use the Inspector (or right sidebar) to quickly view your Available amounts in the current month, as well as the amount you have Assigned in the future. Check out our article for more specifics on what's in the Inspector!

Ready to Assign Breakdown

If you're curious where that Ready to Assign number is coming from, look no further than the Ready to Assign breakdown (viewable in the Budget Header).  

Running Balance

If you're feeling nostalgic for an old-school checkbook, or just want to keep tabs on your bank's balance in real time, you can turn on the Running Balance from the View menu.

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