Clear the Dot on a Loan Account on Mobile

Does your Loan account have a blue dot next to it and you can’t figure out where to clear it?

mortgage account has a blue notification dot to the left of the account name

This happens when there is a scheduled transaction for the Loan account and the date arrives for that transaction, because scheduled transactions must be  approved. The dot indicates that a scheduled transaction has been added to the Loan account, but hasn’t been approved.

How to Clear the Dot

You can approve the scheduled transaction in the Loan account in two places on the mobile app:


If you see a blue New Transactions banner at the top of the Accounts tab, tap on it to view transactions that need to be approved. The scheduled transaction will appear in the list of New Transactions to approve.


You can also approve the scheduled transaction by tapping on the All Accounts register, then look for an unapproved transaction in the Loan account. Tap on the transaction, then tap "Approve."

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