Use YNAB on an iPad

An iPad runs on iOS, just like an iPhone. In YNAB, though, you'll see a few key differences between iPads and other mobile devices.

Activity Column and Accounts View

In addition to having more space in general, you'll notice that the Budget and Accounts views look a little different. 

  • On the main Budget screen, you'll see the Activity column, which isn't currently accessible on mobile. Not only will this give you a bird's eye view of your spending for a particular category, but you can click on this column to quickly bring up a list of recent transactions!On the iPad, each category in the Budget screen has 3 columns - Assigned, Activity, and Available to Spend.
  • In the Accounts view, you can view both your list of accounts and transaction register — side by side. This makes it easy to switch between accounts and find that pesky transaction you're looking for!
    In the accounts screen, there's a list of accounts along the left, and transactions for the selected account are on the right

Heads up! Older iPads may not support the features below. Supported devices include iPad Pro, iPad 5th generation (and later), iPad Air 2 (and later), or iPad mini 4 (and later).

Screen Rotation

On an iPad, you can switch between landscape and portrait mode by rotating your device. 

File-Based Import 

If your iPad supports Multitasking, you can take advantage of File-Based Import — a quick way to bring in lots of transactions from your bank, all at once, without you having to enter them yourself. For more details, check out our File-Based Importing with an iPad help doc!

Use the Web App

Missing some web-only features? You're in luck! You can access the web app right from your iPad. We hope you'll also take the time to submit a feature request for features you'd like to see on mobile!

How to Access the Web App from an iPad

  1. Head over to
  2. Tap Request Desktop Version on your browser when logging in. 
  3. Bookmark that URL for easy access!
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