Account Types

There are two types of accounts in YNAB:  Budget Accounts and Tracking Accounts

Budget Accounts

The money in budget accounts is a part of your budget (which you hopefully can tell from our super-clever naming scheme), and so includes:

  • Checking accounts;
  • Credit Card accounts (yes, they're using your spending categories, too!);
  • Savings accounts. Don't exclude savings from your budget, it's a part of your plan! We mean it. Leave it. Make categories for savings and leave it.

The activity on budget accounts will appear in  all three reports.

Tracking Accounts

The money in tracking accounts is not a part of your budget. You only set up these accounts to track your balance (there's that clever bit again). Tracking accounts include:

  • Investment accounts;
  • Loan accounts like auto loans and student loans;
  • Other asset accounts (like real estate that really don't have to add) that don't directly fund your budget.

The activity in tracking accounts appears only in the  Net Worth report.

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