Getting Started with Reconciling Accounts on Mobile

Did you notice the Reconcile button in the More menu in the upper right corner of your account, and wonder what that was for? Or maybe you noticed your balance in YNAB is a little (or a lot) off track. Because you use your budget to make spending decisions, your accounts in YNAB need to agree with your bank—this process is called Reconciliation. We recommend you reconcile your on-budget accounts at least once a week.

Below, we'll explain the balances and transaction statuses that come into play during that process. Don't worry if this is unfamiliar territory, we'll walk you through the complete steps in the next help doc.

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Comparing Balances

When reconciling, you’ll be comparing your cleared balance that appears at the top of your register in YNAB with your cleared balance at the bank. Many banks call this balance the Current Balance, and it won't include pending transactions. Need help finding your cleared balance? We've got you covered.

While you won't be comparing your uncleared balance or working balance at this time, when you've finished reconciling, you will find that your uncleared balance is limited to just the transactions that are currently pending at the bank.

Transaction Status

Your transactions have one of three statuses in the far right-hand side of your account register:

  • Cleared: Transactions that your bank knows about and have finished processing are cleared and marked with a green C icon at the right-hand side of the transaction line.
    • Your bank likely calls these transactions cleared or processed.
    • If you import transactions, many of them will be cleared in YNAB automatically.
    • Cleared transactions make up the Cleared Balance at the top of your register. 
  • Uncleared: Transactions that your bank hasn’t processed are uncleared and have a gray C icon at the right-hand side of the transaction line.
    • Your bank likely calls these pending transactions.
    • A transaction might be uncleared because your bank hasn’t yet received notice of the final transaction, or if you wrote a physical check that hasn’t been cashed.
    • Uncleared transactions make up the Uncleared Balance at the top of your register.
  • Reconciled: Once transactions have been reconciled, they are locked and marked with a green lock icon. 🔒

Reconciled Timestamp

YNAB reminds you to reconcile frequently by including a timestamp of how many days it has been since you last reconciled. When you tap the More menu in the upper right corner of your account register screen, you'll see the timestamp under the Reconcile option.

Ready to tap the Reconcile button? Follow the steps in our next article to learn how to reconcile your accounts.

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