Unpairing a Loan Account from a Budget Category

When you create a Loan account, you must choose a category for the Loan payments. This paired category enables a few unique Loan features (debt calculator, Record Payment button), and Loan information (minimum payment, current balance, payoff date) in the Budget Inspector.

However, when a Loan is paired to a budget category, that category can only be used for payments to that Loan. You cannot make payments to the Loan from another category, or use the category for other expenses. If you'd like to make payments to the loan from multiple categories, or use a single category to budget for payments to multiple loans, you'll need to remove the paired category from the Loan account. Follow the steps below to free up that category!

Unpairing the Loan Payment Category

At this time, there isn’t a way to unpair a category from a Loan account. But you can create a new category and delete the old one, moving the payments and assigned funds over to the new category. This will replace the category while preserving the data, and free up that category so it's no longer connected to the Loan account!

Here are the steps to delete the existing category, removing the paired budget category from a Loan account on the web app:

Open your budget and create a new category for your loan payments. The Activity and Assigned funds from the existing category will be moved to this new category when you follow the subsequent steps.
Click on the old category's name, then click Delete.
When YNAB asks you to reassign the Activity, select the new category you created.

The Activity and Assigned funds for the paired budget category will move to the new category, and the paired category will be deleted. The Loan account will no longer have a paired budget category!

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