Direct Import in the UK and EU

Direct Import is now available for select UK and EU banks through our provider, TrueLayer. Currently, TrueLayer supports many financial institutions in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Finland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Austria. 

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My Bank/Country isn't Supported

When connecting an account, if you search for a bank that isn’t in our list, you'll see the option to Suggest an Institution. Click that link, and you’ll be asked for the financial institution’s name and the web address you use to log in to their site directly. As we gather requests through this form, we share it with TrueLayer on a regular basis as it helps prioritize their roadmap.

In the meantime, you can use the steps below to check out TrueLayer's coverage and see details about financial institution support coming in the future (we use their "Data API" and have access to nearly all of their banks in beta). As of now, we're only supporting banks and countries that TrueLayer has publicly listed there, as those have proven to be more reliable.

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How to Check TrueLayer's Current Coverage for Your Bank

  1. Visit TrueLayer's coverage documentation for your specific country. 
  2. Locate your bank in the table (we use their Data API).
  3. Check out its Current Status (found right below the name).
  4. Do you see a Private or Public beta note? See Financial Institutions in Beta below!
  5. To see what account types are currently supported for your bank, look under: AIS - Account Types - TL Supported

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Financial Institutions in Beta

In an effort to help TrueLayer build and improve their support of an even greater number of financial institutions, we've chosen to make those in private and public beta available in YNAB, as long as they meet YNAB's use case. This gives people the opportunity to at least try to connect and, in many cases, may even result in success! The downside, of course, as we help TrueLayer identify and iron-out issues with these financial institutions in beta, it can mean rocky import experiences and longer than normal resolution times.

You can see the status of your bank on TrueLayer's website at any time by using the steps above!

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Commonly Asked Questions

  • Why is my credit card/savings account/etc missing from the list of accounts? Not all account types fall under Open Banking™ and PSD2 regulations, so not all banks have provided access to these account types in their API (where TrueLayer can then get the accounts/transactions). You can see which accounts are supported for your bank by using the coverage verification steps above! 
  • Can I have connections in both North America and Europe? Yes! We recently released multi-region Direct Import support, but for now you'll need to reach out to [email protected] so we can enable that for you. 
  • Should I reach out to TrueLayer if I run into an issue? TrueLayer's Help Centre is a fantastic resource, but if you can't find what you're looking for, start with this troubleshooting doc or reach out to [email protected] instead. We'll take care of things for you!  
  • How often does TrueLayer check for new transactions? We ask TrueLayer to kick off an aggregation on a user’s behalf, which we do if a YNABer accesses their budget and it has been more than six hours since the last aggregation. For those that didn't open YNAB that day, we will have TrueLayer perform a nightly aggregation job in order to keep transactions fresh.

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