Fix Mistakes with Undo and Redo

We all make mistakes. 🙈 Even though we cannot revert your budget back to a specific date, you may be able to undo your latest actions. At the top of your budget and each account register, you'll see two circular arrows. Those are the Undo and Redo buttons. Did you accidentally undo something that you should have done? You can redo it. You’ve got options. Keep in mind that this will not work once you've logged out or refreshed the page.

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Budget and Register View

You can find Undo and Redo just below the main header in the Budget view, All Accounts view, or within specific account registers themselves. 

Under the main header, you'll see a circular arrow icon pointing left for Undo and one pointing right for Redo.

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If you are a shortcut type, your hands don’t even have to leave the keyboard while you undo and redo to your heart’s content.

Action Mac Shortcut Windows Shortcut
Undo Command (⌘) + Z Control + Z
Redo Command (⌘) + Y Control + Y


Mobile Undo?

There are a couple of features in the web app that aren’t yet in the mobile app. One of these is the ability to undo recent actions. We're constantly working on new features to improve YNAB. The YNAB Feature Request Form allows you to share your thoughts & suggestions directly with the specialized design team who will be the most familiar with your request. 

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