Categorizing Transactions

Categorizing transactions in the account register tells YNAB which category to update in the budget. YNAB makes this even easier by automatically categorizing payees.

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How It Works

The first time a payee enters or imports into your budget, you’ll be prompted to assign a category for the transaction.

The next time that payee is used, YNAB remembers the most recently used category and automatically assigns it to the transaction.

This applies to new transactions that are imported or entered. The category of existing transactions in the register will not be affected.

Bulk Categorize Transactions

Have a lot of transactions that require the same category? Speed up your workflow by bulk categorizing them!

  1. Select all the transactions you'd like to categorize. You can search by payee to make this go quicker.
  2. On the mobile app, tap Categorize and select a category. On the web app, click Edit then Categorize and select a category.

That's it! The transactions are now categorized.

Disable Automatically Categorize Payees

Do you shop at stores like Amazon, Costco, and Target, where your purchases may be assigned to different categories each time?

Automatic categorization is enabled by default, but this can be turned off for individual payees using the Manage Payees feature in the web app.

  1. Select the name of your budget in the upper-left hand corner
  2. Choose Manage Payees from the menu
  3. Find the payee in the list and deselect Automatically Categorize Payee
  4. Click Done

Moving forward, future transactions with this payee will prompt for a category.

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