Using Emoji In Your Budget

You love 'em. ❤️ We love 'em (most of us, anyway 🤔). It's easy to add emoji to YNAB! 🙌 🎉

Examples like the car emoji in an Auto maintenance category and a house emoji in the Home Maintenance category

Just follow these 👣, and you'll be rocking emojis in no ⏱! 

Start by inserting your cursor anywhere in YNAB that you can insert text. ðŸŽ¯  Then ...

On a Mac

Hold down CTRL + CMD + SPACE. Voila!

On a PC

Hold down the Windows Key + [period] Voila! 
If that doesn't work, try Windows Key + [semi-colon]

Or, if you’ve got an older version of Windows (7 or earlier):

Windows 7 was initially launched with no emoji support on its keyboard. 😱 Instead, it was added with a later update. After installing the updates in the Control Panel, you'll be able to:

Click the keyboard icon on the system tray.
Click the emoji button to the left of the spacebar. Rock on! 
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