Making a Fresh Start

There's nothing wrong with beginning again. In fact, it often means more success in the long run. 

Whether you want to move on from a starter budget, your life and priorities have changed, your (ahem) budgeting habits went south, or you just want a new view of your money (old budgets can be full of old habits, after all), try a Fresh Start.

Click on the name of your budget in the top-left corner of the app.
Click Make a Fresh Start.

Your account names, scheduled transactions, goals, notes, and budget categories will all be brought into a new budget for you. Transaction and budget data will be cleared out so you can start fresh by entering your current starting balances.

A copy of your current (now old!) budget will be archived with today's date, which you can reference anytime by choosing Open Budget in that same menu.

Enjoy your new budget!

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