Bugs, Feedback, and Feature Requests

Do you think you've found a bug? (We wish it weren't possible, but it is!). Or do you just have some feedback you'd love to share? We'd love to hear from you. You can send a message just like any other, using the Send a Message button right in the app – just click the blue question mark. 

Before you do, knowing what to include in your message though, can make all the difference.

Submitting a Bug Report

If you think you've hit a bug, we want to get that fixed up as soon as possible. Including three pieces of information in your message will help us do exactly that.

Be as specific as possible about exactly what you were trying to do and what you were expecting to happen.
Describe exactly what happened prior to the issue. If you can repeat it, even better – describe these steps.
Include any information about recent changes you made, either to YNAB or to your computer or network in general.

Put all those together, and your bug report might look something like this (using an example of a bug we once fixed!):

Feedback and Feature Requests

We get lots of feedback about the YNAB app and the YNAB method, and how it's made a big difference in people's lives. We love these messages, so don't be shy!

Every once in a while, YNAB is working great, but you wish it worked differently. Here are a couple of important things when submitting that feedback.

Like a bug report, be as specific as you can.
If you are describing something you wish were different or a feature you wish YNAB had, be sure to describe why.How would that feature help you? What are you currently not able to accomplish?

Here's how a great feedback or feature request might read (featuring a feature request that is already featured in the app!):

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