Unpacking To Be Budgeted

In your budget, To be Budgeted holds the money that's in your accounts, so you know how much to assign to different jobs. 

When you add a dollar (even a penny!) to a Budget account, it needs a job. It's To be Budgeted. Once you give a dollar a job, it leaves To be Budgeted. That's it! 

Calculating To be Budgeted

You know the To be Budgeted number guides your budgeting activity. But where does it come from? Look right next to it in your budget – the breakdown there is a formula that will show you exactly where.

The Formula

The Basics

Here's a simple example involving no overspending or budgeting in future months. And not every dollar has been given a job yet, which leaves the remainder To be Budgeted.

With Overspending

Now, that same scenario, but with cash overspending in the previous month (deducted from the current month in line two!).

With Future Budgeting

Again, the same scenario, but this time there was budgeting activity in a future month.


That all makes perfect sense, right? But maybe you still have one of these questions!

Why is TBB less than my total account balance(s)? Money in your accounts is only To be Budgeted until you give it a job by assigning it to a category. To be Budgeted also only includes money in your Budget accounts.
Why is my TBB red this month? A red To be Budgeted means you assigned more dollars to jobs than you actually have on hand. Move money back to To be Budgeted until it is green again!
Why is my TBB green this month, but red next? You overspent in cash this month, so that money was deducted from next month's To be BudgetedMove money to cover your overspending!
My TBB is zero this month, but doesn't turn red when I budget more! In that scenario, your budgeting activity is taking funds from  future budgeting you've already done. If you're budgeting more this month, you must need it this month!

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