When the Month Rolls Over

One day, probably more than one day but less than 32 days after you start (okay, definitely less, definitely), the month is going to “roll over”.

Changes in your Budget

Some of the signals in your budget will change, so let’s get you prepared for that:

First, what won't change: Any positive amounts in your categories will … still be sitting there, just where you left them. 

Categories that were overspent (had a negative Available) at the end of the month will change. In fact, in the new month, the Available will now show as a gray zero.

  • If your category had been overspent in cash (negative red Available), that amount will be deducted from To be Budgeted in the new month. 
  • If your category had been overspent in credit (negative yellow Available), the amount you overspent will be represented as an increased balance of your credit card account. If you can't cover this overspending in the month it happens, you'll need to budget directly to the Credit Card Payment category to pay back the debt.

Getting Started in the New Month

The other big change to your budget is that your Budgeted amounts will all be empty. It’s a new month, and time for a new budget.

You’ve got a few choices of how to start the new month’s budgeting:

  • Go category-by-category, working down your priority list and using the Inspector as your Guide. When you get to $0.00 To be Budgeted, stop! 
  • Use the Underfunded option in Quick Budget to budget one category or category group at a time, again working down your list of categories beginning with Immediate Obligations.
  • Use one of the other Quick Budget options. Use Budgeted Last Month to bring over all your same budgeted values, then customize for the needs of the current month. 
  • When you’ve got more history – when it is your fourth or fifth monthly rollover – options like Average Budgeted or Average Spent will help you get started with data that ties back to your real spending habits

Whichever way you choose is up to you! Make your budgeting an active process, and you’ll be more aware, more in control, more awesome than you were in your first month. Than you ever were before.

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