Assigning Money in Future Months

What if you’ve assigned money for everything you need in the current month (including your True Expenses!), but still have money in Ready to Assign? This is an exciting moment. Knowing everything this month is covered is a huge milestone!

Those dollars that still need jobs? You can assign them in the next month:

In the budget header, click forward to the next month.  At the top of the budget screen, the forward arrow is directly to the right of the month name
You'll see all your dollars still in  Ready to Assign.
Follow the same prioritization sequence you used in the current month, budgeting until  Ready to Assign is $0.00.
Now, back in the current month, you'll see that money you just assigned as Assigned in Future in the Ready to Assign Breakdown, and in the Assigned in the Future section of the right sidebar. That's it, you've given every dollar a job!
The amount assigned next month is shown in the Ready to Assign breakdown and on the right side under Assigned in the Future

Want to assign money more than one month ahead? No problem! You can assign money as far into the future as you’d like, as long as you've assigned money in at least one category in the previous month.

Future Budgeting & Ready to Assign

Once you assign money into the future, your most up-to-date  Ready to Assign number is in the future-est (most future?) month. If Ready to Assign is $0.00 in the current month, and you have money assigned in the future, if you were to add another $200 to Auto Maintenance in this month’s budget, Ready to Assign will remain $0.00 in the current month—and the $200 will be taken from the future month’s Ready to Assign. 

If  Ready to Assign is negative in a future month, you'll see an alert in the Assigned in the Future section of the right sidebar, so that you know to un-assign money in your future month ASAP!

On the right side of the budget under the Assigned in Future section, an alert shows Ready to Assign is negative next month

This is why it’s important to move money between categories when Ready to Assign is $0.00. If Ready to Assign ever turns negative, get your budget back on track by moving money from your spending categories to Ready to Assign until it reaches $0.00:Assigning more in the current month creates an alert that Ready to Assign is negative in the future. In the next month, Un-assign money in the next month to fix this

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