Adding Income

Add an Account

To add income to your budget, you first need to add an account—typically your checking account.

Once you create your account, the starting balance will be waiting To be Budgeted at the top of your Budget.

Adding Income

Going forward, enter your income only when you receive it. You'll be more successful if you work only with the money you already have on hand. (Want to plan ahead? No problem—set up a  scheduled transaction for income you know is coming and you can set up a Budget Template, too!)

Add new income to your budget by adding a transaction in your account.

Select the appropriate account.
Click Add a transaction.
Use the payee to describe the source of the money. This could be a specific person or business, or something more general like Paycheck.
In the category field, select Inflow: To be Budgeted.
In the inflow field, enter the amount of the income.
Click Save.

Your money is now ready to budget—head over there and give those dollars jobs!

Looking for Income Categories?

All income in YNAB is categorized as Inflow: To be Budgeted. If you would like to track income sources, use different Payees (they'll even be listed separately on your Income v Expense Report!).

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