Recording Spending and Adding Transactions

You can add spending with your mobile device (super for the most up-to-date category balances!), through importing, or by entering them right into the app. Hey, you can do a mix of all three. We'll keep them straight, and you'll have habits that work for you.

Individual Entry

This article covers the two methods for adding your transactions one at a time, right into the web or mobile app.

In the Web App

On Your Mobile Device

Looking for help with importing?

For help with importing transactions, check out Direct Import and File-Based Import. We try to keep these Help Docs to small novels at the most, but those links will get you where you need to be!)

In The Web App

Adding new spending in the app is simple.

Select the account where the spending happened.
Click Add a transaction.
Use Payee to describe who the money went to.
Select your category.
Click Save.

If you weren’t sure what category to select, that might be a sign that you don’t have them fully dialed in yet – you may want to learn more about personalizing your categories.

If this transaction used up more money than you had in a category (gasp!), it’s time to head to the budget and use Rule Three to roll with it.

On Your Mobile Device

Adding spending as it happens on your mobile device keeps your categories up to date, up to the second. This is especially helpful if you share a budget with someone else, so you can both make spending decisions with confidence.

On each screen in the mobile app, you'll find a Transaction icon at the bottom. Tap there!

Enter the amount of the purchase. Tap Next.
Enter the Payee, category, and account.
Tap Save Transaction.

For more info on the mobile app, check out our  Mobile Help Docs! 

Adding Income

Looking to add income? It works the same way, but do we a special article for it!

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