Syncing with Mobile

Let's face it, spending decisions don't only happen at home – so accessing your budget on the go is a key habit of successful budgeters. Happily, syncing your budget across devices is a breeze.


Make sure you’ve got the most updated iOS or Android app. You can create your account using either the web or mobile app! 


Log in to the mobile app with the same email and password you use in the web app.

Mobile Sync Troubleshooting

It's truly seamless – but here are a few things that might make it feel ... seamful?

Wrong Mobile App

If you've got a mobile app that was made for YNAB Classic, it won't sync with your web budget. If your app is asking you about Dropbox or includes  You Need A Budget instead of YNAB in the name, you've got the older version.

Wrong Budget Selected

Do numbers in your budget look different? Make sure you're looking at the right budget on your mobile device!

Tap the Settings icon.
Tap Open a Different Budget
Tap the budget name you're trying to sync with!

Dang Old Internet

In a bad cell? WiFi is out? Left your phone in airplane mode? It happens, and no one will hold it against you.

(But don't worry, you can still enter transactions when offline – just remember to pull down to refresh when your connection is re-established!)

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