Quick Start: A Daily Budget Routine

You can quick-start your new budget in minutes, and it feels like a great accomplishment (it is!). But maybe this also leaves you with an important question:

I opened my budget—but what am I supposed to do?

A Budgeting Habit

The most important thing you can do now is develop a budgeting habit. While yours may end up looking different in the end, here's a great place to start:

First, pick a time of day, each day, when you're going to look at your budget. Ideally, pick a time when a different habit already exists. Let's say you always make your bed when you get home from work (what, is that weird?). Make that your trigger for spending five minutes with your budget. Make bed, open budget. Make bed, open budget.

Once you have your budget open, run through this quick cycle:

Enter or import any new transactions.
Cover any overspending that came from these transactions!
Check your scheduled transactions to see if anything is coming up.
Budget any new income until  To be Budgeted is zero.
Finally, just spin through your categories and make any adjustments.

That's it. Once you get the hang of this daily habit, it will really take you only about five minutes. What a small investment to make for total control of your money.

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