Troubleshooting on Mobile

If you find you're running into issues with the mobile app, there are steps you can take to get things sorted out (or get a head start if we have to jump in!).

Sanity Check

It might sound silly, but the first thing to do is double check you're logged into the same account on both the web and mobile apps.

Now, are you seeing the same exact budget name in both?

And are you looking at the same budget month on web and mobile?

The Golden Troubleshooting Step

Next, go ahead and delete and reinstall the mobile app.

If you've already deleted and reinstalled the app at some point...

We don't like redundancies either, but we may have released an update since the last time you deleted and reinstalled your mobile app. We know it might feel repetitive, but give it another try!

What's Next?

If you're still experiencing an issue, send us a message! On the Budget tab, tap the Settings gear icon and under Misc, select "Send in Diagnostics" and write a message letting us know why you're sending logs. Here are a few details to include:

  • What part of your budget is affected specifically?
  • Is the same thing happening in both the mobile app and the web app?

Don't forget to select "Include Your Budget File" before pressing Send so that we can really dig in! 

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