Exporting a Report

Are you preparing your tax return and need to see how much you spent in each category for the year? Does your accountant need a report of your total inflows and expenses? Or maybe you just want to play with your reports in Excel? Well, go ahead—export a report!

How to Export a Report

Log into YNAB on a desktop computer.
Click Reports along the left sidebar, then select which report you'd like to export along the top of the screen:
Spending, Net Worth, Income v Expense.
If you want to export everything, make sure the filters are set to All Categories, All Dates, and All Accounts. Otherwise, customize them!
Then, click Export in the upper right corner.

Now you can send it to your accountant or use it when you prepare your taxes.

Exporting the Net Worth Report

Looking for a breakdown of the debts and assets totals in your Net Worth report? Export it to see your month-end account balances for each account. Remember—select which accounts you want to include before hitting the Export button!

a spreadsheet with various account balances; each row represents an account, and each column represents a month

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