Budget Header

We know you're an astute budgeter, and you may find yourself wondering "What do all these numbers at the top of my budget mean?" You're in luck, because we have answers for you. 

Budget Header

We affectionately call the area at the top of your budget the Budget Header—it tells you how many dollars need jobs, and gives you an explanation of how they ended up needing those jobs in the first place.

You probably already know about To be Budgeted, so let's look at the other numbers that make it up. 

Funds for [Month]

Funds for the month is the first in a list of four amounts. The list is to the right of To be Budgeted.

The first number you'll see to the right of  To be Budgeted is Funds for [Month]. It tells you how many dollars total you had to work with for that particular budget month. It's a combination of five things. 

  1. Unused dollars from last month — Any dollars that rolled over from last month's To be Budgeted.
  2. Future budgeting from last month — Any dollars that entered your budget last month (or before!), but were given jobs in the future, beyond that month.
  3. New income — Any inflows from that month that were categorized to Inflow: To Be Budgeted and are in a cash account (checking, savings, etc.).
  4. New Starting Balances — Any money in a cash account you added that month.
  5. New Positive Credit Card Balances — Any positive balance on a credit card is treated as cash and added to To be Budgeted.
  6. Cash advance transactions — Any transfers from a credit card account to a cash account in the current month.

Overspent in [Month]

Overspent in last month is the second in a list of four amounts. The list is to the right of To be Budgeted.

Continuing down the list, we come to Overspent in [Month]. This number tells you how much cash overspending happened last month that wasn't covered using Rule 3. When cash leaves your budget and it isn't accounted for, it's deducted from the following month to keep things accurate—you'll always know exactly how many dollars you have to work with. Need more? Read up on overspending

Budgeted in [Month]

Budgeted in this month is the third in a list of four amounts. The list is to the right of To be Budgeted.

Next up— Budgeted in [Month]. Here we have the number of dollars you've given jobs in the budget month you're looking at. If you total up the Budgeted column, you'll arrive at this sum. 

Budgeted in Future

Budgeted in future is the final amount in the list to the right of To be Budgeted.

The last number is Budgeted in Future. It tells you how many dollars were available this month, but were given jobs in a future month. As you Age Your Money this number will probably grow, but keep in mind—those dollars can still be given jobs in the current month if you budget beyond $0 To be Budgeted. (Read up on Future Budgeting for more.) 

Future budgeting shows up in next month's Funds for [Month], and on and on the cycle goes...

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