What's in the Inspector?

The Inspector, or the right sidebar, gives you valuable information about your budget—both for the current month and in the future.

When  no categories are selected, the Inspector lets you take quick assigning action in your budget, shows you a summary of your budgeting activity (including what you've assigned, spent, and have left to spend), and shows you a glimpse into future months in your budget (if applicable). 🔮 Don't need a section? Click the arrow to collapse it from view.

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Sidebar shows Auto-Assign, Available in Current Month, Assigned in Future sections. Click the down arrow (V) to collapse


The options in Auto-Assign allow you to take quick action in your budget. You can use Auto-Assign to quickly assign money from Ready to Assign to your categories. You can also use the numbers to help you plan your budget each month by seeing your average assigning and spending history, or what you assigned and spent last month. 

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Available in [Current Month]

The Available in [Current Month] section is a summary of your entire budget for the month. 

Sidebar shows amounts for Left over from Last Month + Assigned + Activity equal the total displayed for Available in JulyThe important number in this section is the Available in [Current Month] number, because this is the total of all the Available amounts in the current month's budget. If you were to add up each category's Available balance this month, you'd get this number. (To trust your budget, you want to make sure that this Available in Current Month number equals the amount of money you have in your cash-based budget accounts. You can check that by performing a Budget Audit).

But what makes up the current month's Available number? It's the combination of three things: 

  • The positive amounts you had Left Over from Last Month: last month's positive Available amounts, that rolled over into this month's categories.)
  • Money you Assigned this month: new dollars you received this month, and assigned from this month's Ready to Assign.
  • The Activity in each category: money you spent, or received through refunds or reimbursements

Add up your leftover amounts from last month with the new money you assigned this month, subtract this month's spending (offset by any returns), and you'll get Available in [Current Month]. 

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Assigned in Future

Budgeting ahead? The Assigned in the Future section is where you can see a summary of what you've budgeted in each future month of your budget. 

The Assigned in Future number is the total of all money you've assigned to any future month in your budget. The breakdown below Assigned in Future will show what you've assigned into each individual future month.

When Assigned in the Future is Negative

If  Ready to Assign is negative in any future month in your budget, the Assigned in the Future section will have a red warning to let you know. 

The Assigned in the Future header has a red triangle icon. Under this header, a red alert shows the negative future amount.

If  Ready to Assign is negative in the future, you'll need to un-assign money in that future month until Ready to Assign is at $0. Click on the banner in this section to jump immediately to the month with the negative Ready to Assign, and move money from your budget categories back to Ready to Assign, until Ready to Assign is zero in all months.

Read more about the causes behind When Ready to Assign is Negative

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Viewing Selected Categories

When you've selected a specific category or category group, the Inspector will show you the Auto-Assign and Available in [Current Month] sections, but only for those selected categories. 

The Inspector lists the names of the selected categories at the top. 

Auto-Assign numbers are updated for just those selected categories, and you can click the Auto-Assign options to give your dollars jobs to just the categories you've picked. 

The Available in [Current Month] numbers update, too, to focus the Available breakdown to just the selected categories. 

You can always return to the month overview by de-selecting the categories, either individually or all at once by clicking the " - " symbol on the top left side of your budget. When there aren't any specific categories selected, the totals in the inspector represent all the categories in your budget.

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